This article is about the baby. For the Zhu-Fari pet, see Baako (Zhu-Fari).

Baako (baby)
81090-R4 Baako
Gender Male
Type of Animal Zebra
Birthmark Baako birthmark
Birthday September 18
Series Second

Baako is a Zhu Zhu baby. He is part of the second season of babies.



Born in the jungle, Baako is quite the explorer. He loves to run wild along the plains with his mane flowing in the wind. Brash and daring, he remains fearless in the face of danger, including storm clouds, which is why one is his symbol!


Baako is a gray zebra baby with gray and white stripes. The outside of his ears are gray, while the insides are purple. He also has a purple mane and tail. He comes with a green carriage, a baby bottle, and a ring toy with a heart on top.


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