Butter Cheeks
106231695-260x260-0-0 cepia+zhu+zhu+pets+butter+cheeks+hamster+baby
Gender Female
Type of Animal Hamster
Birthmark Nugget birthmark
Birthday Unknown
Series First

Butter Cheeks is a Zhu Zhu baby from the first series.



Butter Cheeks is one of the most loving babies in the whole wide world. She lives for loves and hugs, and was born a natural caretaker. Whether she is pretending to be the mommy of her baby dolls, or spending time in her own mommy’s garden to help take care of all the pretty flowers, it's clear that this little cutie just wants to love.


Butter Cheeks appears just as any other Zhu Zhu baby from Series 1. She has a yellow body with white paws and ears. She also sports a pink diaper, with her birthmark on it.


  • Butter Cheeks' birthmark is the same as Nugget's.
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