Buzzsaw Tank
Buzzsaw tank
Released 2010
Set KZ

"Your Special Forces hamster is protected and ready for some serious Kung Zhu battles in the Buzzsaw Tank."

The Buzzsaw Tank is a Kung Zhu vehicle.


How to playEdit

To make the tank move, a hamster must be placed inside it and started. To put the hamster in the tank, the guide post on the bottom of it must be lined up with the hole on the dash plate. Another way to do this is to let the pet run into the back of the tank by itself. On most tries, it will mount the dashplate on its own. The hamster must then be started so it can drive the tank. As the tank moves, the sharp buzzsaws in the front will move left and right. There is also a missile included that can be pushed into the hole on the hamster's right side of the tank. When the tank starts moving, the missile will be "fired" and will pop out of the hole.

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