Gender Male
Type of Animal Hamster
Birthmark Chunkbirthmark
Birthday August 1
Series First
Chunk is a Zhu Zhu Pets hamster. He is part of the first season of hamsters.


"Whoa, dude! This laid-back surf hamster is famous for chillin’ out, hangin’ back and layin’ low. But when he gets a whiff of some slammin’ surf, he’s off and runnin’! Don’t spare the hugs for this rad rodent. He lives to feel the love."

Chunk has a surfboard which he loves to go surfing with. As seen on, the top side of the board is blue with Chunk's birthmark on it, while the bottom side is yellow. It appears the same in the movie, but now it has a yellow arch on the top side. Besides surfing, Chunk has also made other uses for his surfboard, as seen in the movie.



Chunk in cartoon form

Chunk's fur, paws, and ears are white, making all of his body completely white with the only exceptions being his eyes and nose, which are black and pink, respectively. He appears the same in cartoon form, though like all of the hamsters in cartoon form, a belly button is visible, which, most of the time, is shaped like an X. He also has three extra strands of fur on his head, like all of the boy hamsters.

In The Quest For ZhuEdit


Chunk as he appears in the movie.

Chunk makes an appearance in the direct-to-video movie The Quest For Zhu as a deuteragonist and is played by Sean Campbell. He goes on the main adventure along with Pipsqueak, Mr. Squiggles, and Num Nums.

Chunk makes many uses for his surfboard in the movie, which can sometimes help out the crew in a jam, such as when Chunk used the surfboard to block the zebras stampeding at them. There is also a running gag in the movie where Chunk accidentally keeps knocking over Mr. Squiggles with his surfboard.

He is Moto Moto's long lost son. Don't @ me

He is now owned by Katie, as seen in the end of the movie.


Chunk tells his backstory during the movie:

Before Chunk was transported to the Zhu-niverse, he used to have an owner, with whom he used to travel and find the best beaches. One day, Chunk had went out surfing by himself, with which his off-screen owner replies to not be late. Chunk just keeps on surfing, until he sees his owner riding away in a car, accidentally forgetting Chunk in the process. Chunk worringly replies, "Where're you going?" then wipes out, which was possibly when he got transported to the Zhu-niverse.

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