The game's title screen.

Chunk's Diner is a game on the website,


In this game, Chunk has opened a diner, and the player must help him and Num Nums take the customers' orders to make them happy.

When a customer comes into the restaurant and sits down at the counter, he/she will have a thought bubble above his/her head indicating what he/she would like to eat. The player then must click the thought bubble to have Num Nums take the order. Chunk will then start cooking the food. A timer will appear above the customer's head to show when the food should be ready. When the food is ready, the player must click on the food, then click on a customer with the matching thought bubble to serve it to them. After eating the food, the customer will leave. The player can then click on the customer's dirty plate to get rid of it, and also earn some money. If the player does a good job and serves enough customers, he/she will advance to the next day. However, if the player does not take a customer's order or serve food to a customer in time, the customer will angrily walk out of the diner. If the player loses too many customers, it is game over.