Cruz (baby)
81452 Cruz from 81090-R1
Gender Female
Type of Animal Pony
Birthmark Cruz birthmark
Birthday January 6
Series Second

Cruz is a Zhu Zhu baby. She is part of the second season of babies.



Cruz is a very mellow, laid back pony. Unlike Rumer, she prefers nuzzling her nose in the hay with the sun beating on her back and taking naps all day long. Peace and quiet is the name of the game for this horse, which is why a peace sign is her birthmark. She also absolutely adores eating apples, especially when her owner makes her warm, delicious apple pie.


Cruz is a gray pony. She has pink hooves, a white nose, and a black mane. She also has three extra strands of hair, two gray, and one pink, on her head.

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