Dragon Hammer
Dragon hammer
Released 2010
Set KZ

"Kung Zhu™ Ninja Warriors and Special Forces hamsters dread the powerful Dragon Hammer. Be careful because one hit is all it takes to knock your hamster out of the battle!"

The Dragon Hammer is a Kung Zhu accessory.



To assemble the trap, the hammer head must be pushed onto the end of the post, matching the notch at the end with the tab inside the head. Once the trap has been assembled, it can be mounted two ways. It can be mounted as a stand-alone accessory by pressing the trap into the two mounting holes on the top rim of the trap's base, or it can be mounted onto the Giant Battle Arena by positioning the post onto any of the two mounting bosses on the sides of the arena.

How to playEdit

Once the trap has been assembled, the trap must be loaded by pulling the hammer back. The pole will automatically latch and set the trap. If a hamster hits the target plate on the bottom of the trap, the trap will be sprung and the hammer will fall on the hamster.

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