Hamster Hustle is a game on the Zhu Zhu Pets website,


In this game, the player races against Dezel (the computer) and his/her object is to win the race. First the player must choose one of three tracks. Each track has a different difficulty level: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The player then must choose the vehicle they want to race in. The player can choose from the Woody Wagon, the Convertible Sports Car, or the Hamcycle and Sidecar.

Once the player has chosen their desired track and vehicle, the game will start. The vehicles will move automatically; however the player's job is to shift gears. To shift the gears, the player must click on the shift stick on the bottom. The better the player shifts, the faster their hamster's vehicle will go. The player must also keep the RPM outside the red, or the hamster's vehicle will break down. If the vehicle breaks down or Dezel gets to the finish line first, the player will lose. The player will win if they make it to the finish line before Dezel.

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