Zhu Zhu Pets are cute litte hamsters. There were nine original hamsters. they are Jilly, Nugget, Mr Squiggles, Scoodles, Winkie, Pipsqueak, Chunk, Numnums, and Patches. You just press a button on its back to turn it on and off. When you press its nose in sleepmode, it talks more.

They vary from little from Kung Zhu hamsters and Zhu Zhu Puppies, with three buttons on both types:

  1. The head button. Located between the ears, you press his/her head and they talk. For Zhu Zhu Puppies, use the back button
  2. The nose button. The nose makes them sometimes talk!
  3. The back button. It makes them scurry around. For Zhu Zhu Puppies, When you press it the first time,it puts in talk mode.Press it agian to make it Zhu-oom.
Not all Zhu Zhu Pets are supposed to be hamsters. Stinker is a skunk, Rocco is a raccoon, Fluffy is a bunny, the Zhu Zhu Puppies are dogs. And there are upcoming Zhu Zhu Kittens.

Zhu Zhu Pets and playsets.

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