This article is about the baby. For the grown-up version, see Hutch (Pets).

Hutch (baby)
ZZB Pet Hutch
Gender Male
Type of Animal Hamster
Birthmark Hutch birthmark
Birthday December 17
Series Second

Hutch is a Zhu Zhu baby. He is part of the second season of babies.



Hutch is a bit of “speed demon” when put in his stroller. He’s constantly on the go, daring other hamster babies to stroller races. His need for speed worries his hamster mommy, but Hutch assures her that he always wears his helmet and believes that safety comes first!


Hutch is a purple-pinkish hamster baby. He has a blue stripe going down his forehead to his pink nose. He comes with a white blanket and a white hat with two pink "ears" coming out of it. He also comes with a stroller, a baby bottle, a bottle of baby powder, and a lion toy.

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