Jumbo Jet & Airport
Jumbo jet airport
Released 2010

"Delays won't stop your ZhuZhu Pets™ from exploring in their new airplane! It's time to zhu-oom off to a new exotic destination!"

The Jumbo Jet & Airport are a Zhu Zhu Pets add-on room.



Included inside the box is 2 U-connectors, 1 ramp U-connector, the airport base with top, a tunnel with top, the jumbo jet, and 2 signs.

To start, first place a U-connector on each end of the tunnel (a ramp U-connector can be placed on the end facing away from the airport if the airport is being used stand-alone.) Then, connect the airport base to the tunnel via the U-connector (make sure that the "TO AIRPORT" arrow on the bottom is facing the airport.) Then, hinge in the top of the tunnel by placing the hinge notches into their respective holes and close the top of the tunnel. Place the top of the airport on by pushing the tabs on the bottom into their respective holes, and attach the signs by pushing them into the holes on the top of the airport. Finally, place the jet into the airport.

How to playEdit

First, the user starts the hamster. (or the hamster makes its way to the airport from a path) The hamster travels into the tunnel and reads the code on the bottom. It then proceeds to the airport, where it will mount itself onto the jet and drive it while making a special sound. To restart, the user takes the hamster out, places the jet back into the airport, and repeats the process.