Magical Princess Carriage
ZZPR Playset ZhuCarriage 1
Released 2011

"Arrive to the Grand Ball in royal style in your charming hamster-driven carriage!"

The Magical Princess Carriage is a Zhu Zhu Princess vehicle add-on.


Note: Some of this information may be false, since the known active users on this wiki have not mentioned that they own the product. If anyone owns this product and finds false information, please add the correct information in.


Included in the box is the carriage, 4 wheels (2 large and for the front, 2 small and for the back), the wagon tongue, the harness for the driver pet, and the door for the side of the carriage. To connect the wheels, they must be put on the ends of the sticks on the bottom of the carriage. To attach the wagon tongue, the holes on the back ends of them must be fitted through the circle-shaped small stumps on the front stick under the carriage. To attach the harness, the holes on the front ends of the wagon tongue must fit with the small stumps on the sides of the harness. The door is attached by hinging it to the left side of the carriage.

How to playEdit

To make the carriage move, the user must position a hamster in the harness by putting the curved ends of it into the small holes on the sides of the pet's motor. Then, the user starts the driver hamster and the carriage moves. The user can also put a hamster inside the carriage to ride by opening the door and putting the rider hamster inside.

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