ZZP Pet Pipsqueak 0
Gender Male
Type of Animal Hamster
Birthmark Pipsqueakbirthmark
Birthday Quandary jQuery
Series First-ever
Quest for zhu pipsqueak 1
Pipsqueak going into space tunnel stars

im comin for you

Pipsqueak is a Zhu Zhu pet. She is part of the first season of Zhu zhu pets and was one of the first four Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters to be released. He is a trans icon but i am too lazy to edit all the pronouns in this wiki.


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Pipsqueak may be sweet and small, but this petit powerhouse isn’t afraid of anything. A daredevil with the curiosity of a dozen cats, she loves to play, explore, run and slide. Just give her some wiggle room and watch her do her stuff.



Pipsqueak in cartoon form

Pipsqueak is a light yellow hamster with yellow ears and white cheeks and hands. Like all Zhu Zhu Pets, she has a pink nose and her birthmark is on her back. She appears the same in cartoon form, though she stands on her hind legs like all cartoon Zhu Zhu Pets. and carries a pair of blue shoes around her right shoulder. She also has one tooth sticking out and an X-like belly button, which are also characteristics of all cartoon Zhu Zhu Pets.

In The Quest For ZhuEdit


Pipsqueak, as she appears in the movie.

Pipsqueak also appears in the direct-to-video movie The Quest For Zhu, where she is the main protagonist of the movie. She is played by Shannon Chan-Kent. She has an owner in the movie, a girl named Katie. Pip had accidentally made a mess of Katie's desk in the beginnning of the movie. After the incident, Katie was mad, and Pipsqueak started feeling that Katie did not love her anymore, so she had ditched her. That night, a shooting star transported her to the Zhu-niverse.

She met Mr. Squiggles, Num Nums, and Chunk, and went on a journey with her new friends across the Zhu-niverse to the Palace of Zhu to defeat Mazhula, save ZhuFu, and help her get back home.

At the end of the movie, after she saved the day, she departed from the Zhu-niverse on her shooting star, and said good-bye to her new friends. Meanwhile, at Katie's house, Katie was searching around her room for Pipsqueak, when she arrived on her windowsill, and Katie was then rejoiced to find Pipsqueak. Mr. Squiggles, Num Nums, and Chunk also arrived shortly later, who were also found by Katie, and the movie ends with the four hamsters on Katie's bed while she is getting them a snack.

Even though Pipsqueak's bio states she is a daredevil, she does not seem to be portrayed as one in the movie, as she doesn't seem to act like a daredevil, and seems to be the opposite.

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