The game's title screen.

Princess Snowcup's Furdrobe Change is a game on the website,


The gameplay is basically the same as Ham it Up!, only it is Zhu Zhu Princess-themed, with Princess hamsters and backgrounds. Like in Ham it Up, the player has to dress up hamsters and put them on backgrounds. There are two hamsters available to dress up; Princess Snowcup and Prince Dashington. Three outfits are available, which include a princess outfit, a footman outfit, and a dragon outfit. There are also three backgrounds, which include outside a castle, in a bedroom, and a room with a window and two purple lion flags. Like in Ham it Up, the player can click the arrows to change outfits, hamsters, and backgrounds. To put on an outfit, the player can click and drag a part of it to the hamster. Also like in HiU, there are additional features, which are being able to view the page for the outfit that is currently selected by clicking "view product", being able to save a picture of the dressed hamster on the player's computer by clicking "save", being able to see what the saved picture should look like by clicking "preview", and removing all clothes from the player's hamster so he/she can start over by clicking "reset".

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