This article is about the baby. For the grown-up version, see Pumpkin (Pets).

Pumpkin (baby)
ZZP Baby Pumpkin 0
Gender Female
Type of Animal Hamster
Birthmark Pumpkin
Birthday Thanksgiving (November ??)
Series First

Pumpkin is a Zhu Zhu baby. She is part of the first season of babies.



Pumpkin got her name because she was born on Thanksgiving. Fall is definitely her favorite time of year because she loves to play in the leaves! Outside is home for this playful hamster.


Pumpkin is a brown baby with brown ears and white paws and a pink diaper, which houses her birthmark. Like most Zhu Zhu Pets, she has a pink nose. Pumpkin bears much resemblance to both Peanut and Butter Cheeks, but the only differences are Pumpkin has a pink diaper instead of blue like Peanut, and she is brown instead of yellow, like Butter Cheeks.

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