81090-R3 Raisin
Gender Male
Type of Animal Raccoon
Birthmark Raisin birthmark
Birthday August 11
Series Second

Raisin is a Zhu Zhu baby. He is part of the second season of babies.



A positive, upbeat baby, Raisin enjoys cruising the waves in his spare time. With a thumbs up birthmark, Raisin is known for his signature move: He always gives a thumbs up to his ZhuZhu™ pals after he surfs the perfect wave!


Raisin is a gray raccoon. He has three upward-facing teardrop-like designs on his head; two light pink ones on the outside that curve to the left and right, and one between the two light pink ones that is straight, and colored white. He also has two white ears with pink on the inside, and a white diaper which houses his birthmark.

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