Sneakyninja titlescreen

The game's title screen.

Sneaky Ninja is a game on the Zhu Zhu website, It is one of the two online games based on Kung Zhu pets.


Sneakyninja screenshot


The game's story is that Azer is trying to get into the Special Forces' top-secret bunker. The player moves Azer with the arrow keys on their keyboard. On the bottom screen is Azer's lives left, an elapsed timer and the number of points. While moving the player must watch for obstacles, like cars, guards, watchdogs, and spotlights or else they will get "caught". If they get caught three times, the game is over. If the player makes it to the top-secret bunker, they win and move on to the next level.


  • Sneakyninja clones

    The odd Sgt. Serge and Rivet clones.

    Oddly, many clones of Sgt. Serge and Rivet are seen driving on the road. This is unexplained.

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