ZZP WO Pet Sweetie 0
Gender Female
Type of Animal Bunny
Birthmark Sweetiebirthmark
Birthday April 4
Series Wild Bunch
Sweetie is a Zhu Zhu pet bunny that is part of the Wild Bunch series of Zhu Zhu animals. Like the other Wild Bunch animals, she is not a hamster.



Born a white little bunny, it was quite a mystery when Sweetie’s coat turned pink. Apparently instead of eating carrots at every meal, this sneaky little bunny ate cotton candy instead! It didn’t take long before all of the sugar made her pink like her favorite treat.


Sweetie is a bunny with pink fur, which, according to her bio, the pink color was from cotton candy, the bunny's favorite treat. She also has pink and white ears, white paws and cheeks, and like most other Zhu Zhu Pets, a pink nose.

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