The Power of Zhu is the upcoming second Zhu Zhu Pets film release. The movie was originally planned to release in 2012, but never did, though it may be released in 2017. This movie will seem to focus more around the world of Kung Zhu and its characters.


The Power of Zhu was announced at the same time that its predecessor, The Quest for Zhu was; in an official press release.[1] As the press release says, the movie was planned to be released direct-to-video in 2012, like the latter. The DVD of the latter even included a trailer for the former.

As time went by after Quest for Zhu's release, the topic of Power of Zhu went quiet after the initial press release, with no news or information being put out on the movie. 2012 passed, and the movie never saw a release. No word was given on the movie's status; whether it was cancelled or put on hiatus, it was not known.

Recently, some information has been appearing about a movie titled in Portuguese "As incríveis aventuras de zhu", which translates to "Amazing Adventures of Zhu". The full movie also appears to have surfaced on YouTube in Portuguese.[2] It's extremely likely this movie could be The Power of Zhu, and if it is, then it appears to started making its debut internationally, as the video is recorded from a premium channel in Brazil, Telecine. In addition, the LinkedIn page of Ciara Anderson, a producer of the first movie, states that she is also the producer of the second movie titled "The Amazing Adventures of Zhu", and that it is due to release in 2014 along with a third movie, "The Secret of Zhu".[3] This means there is still hope for the movie's release in the US, and if it does release, it could be under the new title mentioned before.

In 2013, Cepia announced plans to release the movie "Jorney to Glo-E". This movie will focus on the Glo-E line of products made by Cepia LLC. However, a lawsuit was filed against Build-A-Bear Workshop for trademark infringement, so the movie was not released in 2013 or 2014.[4]

Neither The Power of Zhu nor The Secret to Zhu were released in 2014. On July 31, 2015, Cepia LLC filed a lawsuit against Universal Studios for "secretly distributing the film internationally."[5]

The Power of Zhu, The Secret to Zhu, and possibly Journey to Glo-E, are all set to be released some time in 2016, according to an email from Google+ user Bella The Cat.


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