Trixie Buttercupps

aka LulaBlu

  • I live in in the Zhuniverse
  • My occupation is student
  • I am cute, smart, and a Dizzy Dancer!


Im Trixie. I LOVE Zhu Zhu Pets. I have 28 of them. I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT ZHU ZHU PETS!!!!!


Me as a Dizzy Dancer.

I also have an ability to change what I look like when I go on another wiki. For example, I'm a hamster on this wiki, and a Dizzy Dancer somewhere else.Edit


Me as a hamster.

My Zhu Zhu Pets(as of now)Edit

Mr. Squiggles, Pipsqueak, Chunk, Winkie, Jilly, Roxie, Cappuccino, Jinx, Zu Zu, Buttercheeks, Murphy

(I'm too lazy to list all 28 of my Zhu Pets.)

I have more zhus but I lost Pipsqueak.

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