Zhu Zhu Pets

Zhu Zhu pets are toys shaped like small animals, most commonly hamsters. Each Zhu Zhu Pet has a symbol on their backs, known as a birthmark. All Zhu Zhu pets can make noises by pressing their nose or their head, and can move around when their back is pressed. Originally, all Zhu Zhu Pets were hamsters, but starting in 2010, other animals were made as well. T Zhu Zhu pets were first released in late 2009, and were extremely popular during the holiday season. They remained popular until 2012, when they were discontinued, but during the years of availibility, they spawned several video games, an animated movie, and a variety of spin-off toy lines comprising the larger Zhu-Niverse. A revival was announced in 2015, and was released in late 2016 along with an animated series entitled The ZhuZhus.

List of Zhu Zhu HamstersEdit

Name Series
Mr. Squiggles Series 1
Pipsqueak Series 1
Num Nums Series 1
Chunk Series 1
Scoodles Series 2
Jilly Series 2
Nugget Series 2
Winkie Series 2
Yo Yo Special Edition
Dezel Series 2
Hank Special Edition
Bamboo Series 2
Captain Zhu Series 2
Moo Series 3
Tex Series 3
Rocky Series 3
Spottie Series 3
Cappuccino Series 3
Peachy Series 3
Jinx Series 3
Pinkie Series 3
Shamrock Series 3
Kacee Series 3
Bitsy Series 3
Chandler Series 3
Merrit Series 3
Harlow Series 3
Moltey Series 3
Pookie Series 3
Rori Series 3
Carly Build-A-Bear Exclusive
Justice Justice Exclusive
Peanut Series 4
Butters Series 4
Finnegan Series 4
Texas Series 4
Tull Series 4
Hervey Series 4
Luigi Series 4
Toodles Series 4
Pumpkin Series 4
Marmie Series 4
Finnegan Series 4
Babboose Series 4
Boo Series 4
Friday Series 4
Meadow Series 4
Sophie Series 4
Snickle-Fritz Series 4
Snowball Series 4
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